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Coil restraint device

A coil restraint device for a torpedo mounted dispenser of a torpedo assembly is disclosed. The torpedo assembly includes at least a torpedo body, a longitudinal propulsion shaft housed within the torpedo body, and a torpedo mounted dispenser connected to the longitudinal propulsion shaft at the aft end of the torpedo body. The torpedo mounted dispenser houses a wire payout coil and a flex hose surrounds the wire payout coil, a forward end of the flex hose being open and unrestrained. The coil restraint device includes a flexible band member having an inner surface, an outer surface, opposite ends, and opposing longitudinal edges. A strap is provided on the outer surface of the flexible band member, the strap having opposite distal ends extending beyond a length of the flexible band member. A securing connection is provided for securing the opposite distal ends of the strap together, thereby forming the flexible band member into a circular shape around the torpedo assembly with one edge of the flexible band member abuting the flex hose of the tail mounted dispenser upon engagement of the securing connection.

Anthony V. Raffa

Robert F. Doleski

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
February 7, 2003
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