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Collisionless flying of unmanned aerial vehicles that maximizes coverage of predetermined region

Collisionless flight is achieved by overlaying a circulant digraph with certain characteristics over a model of the area to be flown. Each UAV then executes a flight path corresponding to a directed cycle of the circulant digraph where each vertex of the circulant digraph corresponds to two waypoints. The circulant digraph includes more vertices than the number of unmanned aerial vehicles and the number of vertices is divisible by the number of UAVs. Additionally, the circulant digraph has a first jump of 1, a second jump of one less than then number of UAVs. To maximize coverage, each of the vertices of the circulant digraph may then be individually updated such that they satisfy two tests: a convexity test and an isosceles avoidance test. The updated flight path of each UAV may then be relayed from a control station to each UAV.

Ketula Patel

Zbigniew Bogdanowicz

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Patent Issue Date: 
April 21, 2017
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