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Compositions and Methods For Control of Hemipteran Insect Stylet Sheath Structure Formation

Many hemipteran insects form a stylet sheath each time they pierce and penetrate plant tissue on which they feed. Compounds that inhibit stylet sheath formation or degraded/destabilize stylet sheaths are described, as well as methods of using those compounds. These methods and compounds deter or block hemipteran insects from feeding on plants, especially agriculturally important plants and thus can prevent or reduce transmission of micro-organisms that use the insects as a carrier-host.


•  Compounds can be applied onto plants by spraying, dripping and/or applied to the soil for uptake by the roots
•  Many of the compounds are recognized as generally regarded as safe (GRAS)



•  These compounds and methods prevent and/or reduce the transmission of vascular associated diseases (caused by hemipteran vector-borne pathogens) to plants
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