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Compositions and Methods of Producing Calcined Coke From Bio-Oil and Calcined Coke Produced Thereby

A process for synthesizing biologically-derived coke from a byproduct of bio-oil distillation. The process entails fast pyrolysis, atmospheric distillation and vacuum distillation to remove liquid and volatile products.


• Biorenewable
• Sulfur is eliminated to trace levels below 500 ppm (vs. > 2 – 3%)
• Vanadium and nickel are absent completely in most cases (vs. > 300 ppm)
• Total ash/metal content is comparable and/or less than petroleum coke
• A desulfurization step is not needed


• The carbon rich product can be uses as a solid fuel (coal) substitute
• Can be calcined into coke suitable for use in aluminum smelting anodes, steel carburization and titanium dioxide production
Patent Number: 
(126.14) 10,202,557
Internal Laboratory Ref #: 
126.14 + 118.18
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