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Configuration and electro-osmotic pulse (EOP) treatment for degrading porous material

A configuration and treatment for degrading porous material, e.g., concrete, brick, or other masonry material, via rapid, efficient electro-osmosis. One application carries dehydration to an extent that it weakens a structure for demolition by significantly dehydrating its structural material. A durable, dimensionally stable anode is affixed to the structure and attached to a wire from a DC power supply. The anode is composed of a valve metal substrate with a semiconductive coating of a precious metal, cement or ceramic. Connection to a cathode through the power supply completes the circuit. A DC voltage is applied to the concrete structure by cycling a pro-specified pulse train from the power supply. One pulse train consists of an initial positive pulse followed by a shorter duration negative pulse and ends with a short off period before the pulse train is reinitiated. The cycle continues until the porous material has been determined to be sufficiently degraded.

Stephen N. Flanders

Michael K. McInerney

Vincent F. Hock, Jr.

Philip Chitty

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
August 19, 2005
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