Available Technology

Continuous Wave or Ultrafast Lasers

A laser system comprises a seed oscillator, having a seed output; dispersive optics, operative to receive the seed output and divide the seed output into spectrally separate seed components; an array of individually addressable, phase adjustable laser amplifiers corresponding to the spectrally separate components, each laser amplifier receiving as its seed one of the spectrally separate seed components and producing one of the spectrally separate amplified components; and phase actuators controlling the individually addressable, phase adjustable laser amplifiers. A method of operating a laser system comprises: generating a seed signal; dividing the seed signal into spectrally separate component signals; amplifying the spectrally separate component signals; recombining the spectrally separate component signals into an amplified output; and controlling phases of the amplified spectrally separate component signals. Both single-pass and double-pass amplifier array versions are disclosed.
Inventors: Bien Chann, Daniel Ripin, Tso Yee Fan, and Antonio Sanchez-Rubio
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