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Control circuitry for high speed video camera operation

A device for controlling a video camera in underwater high speed photography in a first aspect includes a plurality of spaced break screen or sense coil members, a projectile for launch through the series of break screen or sense coil members, a video camera operated to video at a predetermined timing upon release of the projectile, and a source of illumination to aid in the video photography. A trigger device such as a break screen or sense coil is positioned immediately up-range of the video camera. With a time delay programmed into a Programmable Array Logic (PAL), a control circuitry receives the trigger information and creates a timed signal to control the operation of the video camera. In accordance with another aspect of this invention, the control circuitry includes discrete logic devices programmed such that gating of the video camera is controlled by the control circuitry at the time the projectile passes the lens of the camera.

John R. Raposa, Daniel P. Thivierge

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Patent Issue Date: 
March 15, 2005
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