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Controllable camber windmill blades

The present invention relates to a windmill power generation system which includes at least two variable camber blades fastened to a rotatable hub, which blades are driven by a fluid such as wind. Each of the variable camber blades has embedded shape memory alloy members. The system also includes a source of electrical power connected to the shape memory alloy members for varying the shape of the blades in response to changes in the speed of the fluid driving the blades. The power generating system further includes a power regulator connected to the electrical power source for regulating the electrical power being supplied to the shape memory alloy members and a controller for transmitting a power command signal to the power regulator. The controller preferably comprises a preprogrammed computer having an algorithm for generating the optimum blade shape for a particular wind speed or condition.

Charles H. Beauchamp, William H. Nedderman, Jr.

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
November 15, 2002
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