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Copernicus Trajectory Design and Optimization System (Version 4.x)

Copernicus v4.6 is a new release of the Copernicus spacecraft trajectory design and optimization program. This is an update to version 4.5, which was released in January 2018. The new release includes the following changes, a new cross-platform JSON kernel file format, various new reference frame features, including new capabilities for user-defined reference frame plugins, and numerous bug fixes and other minor enhancements. Copernicus is capable of solving a wide range of trajectory optimization problems. These include trajectories centered about any planet or moon in the solar system, trajectories influenced by two or more celestial bodies such as libration point trajectories (halo orbits) and distant retrograde orbits, Earth-Moon and interplanetary transfers, asteroid and comet missions, and more. The software is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.
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