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Counterfeit microelectronics detection based on capacitive and inductive signatures


Systems and methods for detecting counterfeit integrated circuits are provided. One exemplary embodiment of a method can include: providing an integrated circuit for testing; and characterizing capacitive and inductive loading of the integrated circuit power for a specified frequency range; wherein the characterizing step further comprises applying a low level alternating current to a power pin while measuring for capacitance characterization conditions created by the integrated circuit's internal capacitance and inductance responses, wherein by sweeping the alternating current signal across a specified frequency range one or more capacitance related device signature can be created and used to identify a component as originating from a trusted source or not. A system can include components and machine readable instructions for operating the components using exemplary methods. Exemplary embodiments can include automated systems that can also be used with the device signature on a production line or in a supply chain verification location.


B. Hamilton; A. Howard

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Engineering, Microelectronics, Counterfeit Detection
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May 1, 2018
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