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Utilizing the same adaptive phase-changing materials applied to astronauts' suits and gloves for better protection against the bitter cold and scorching heat in space, Outlast Technologies, Inc.'s OutlastR products continuously interact with the unique microclimate of the human body and the environment to moderate temperature from being too hot or too cold to being just right. Traditional clothing systems trap heat in during high activity. The human body naturally sweats to cool the skin, reducing the ability of clothing to keep the body dry and comfortable. Outlast apparel, conversely, will keep individuals comfortable by absorbing body heat when too much is created, thereby diminishing the amount of moisture in their clothing. The clothing essentially stays drier and maintains its effectiveness. A comfort zone" can also be sustained in cold-weather environments as Outlast garments will release stored heat back to the body when it begins to chill or shiver. From head to toe Outlast Technologies is covering the everyday consumer with pure comfort. Boots socks underwear shirts pants jackets gloves and hats have been made "smart" with the addition of Outlast "Thermocules." Even bedding has successfully adopted the temperature-controlling technology. Outlast Technologies has entered strategic partnerships with over 200 premium-brand leaders."
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