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Current probe fed dipole array on dielectric water bottle with brine water loading

A system includes a bottle, a first wire, a second wire, a current probe and an output line. The bottle holds a dielectric liquid therein. The first wire is disposed longitudinally on the bottle and generates a first oscillating electrical current in response to an electromagnetic wave, wherein the first oscillating electrical current thereby generates a corresponding first oscillating magnetic field. The second wire is disposed in parallel with the first wire on the bottle and generates a second oscillating electrical current in response to the electromagnetic wave, wherein the second oscillating electrical current thereby generating a corresponding second oscillating magnetic field. The current probe is arranged to surround the bottle such that the bottle is rotatable within the current probe or such that the current probe is rotatable around the bottle.

Marcus L. Maurer, Randall A. Reeves, Daniel W. Tam

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February 9, 2018
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