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Demolition charge having multi-primed initiation system


A demolition charge system has a multi-primed initiation system with a rigid container having interconnected thin end walls, side walls, a base and a lid. The lid continuously fits onto the end and side walls to cover and contain an internal chamber. Each of the ends walls has a threaded opening longitudinally aligned with each other. An elongated thin-walled tube longitudinally extends through the internal chamber and has threaded ends engaging inner portions of the threaded openings to securely hold the tube in the container. At least one demolition initiator is capable of longitudinally extending in the tube and a main charge in the internal chamber is positionable in abutting contact along the tube to assure demolition. Magnets assure magnetic securing of the demolition system on a ferrous target.


E. Scheid

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Engineering, Pyrotechnics
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February 8, 2011
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