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Deployment system for fiber-optic line sensors

A system for deploying a fiber optic line sensor is provided that includes a launch vehicle to which three sections are attached. The first section is a buoy antenna section. The second section is an electronics canister section having control electronics. These sections are releasably attached to the launch vehicle. The electronics canister section is in contact with the antenna section and secured to the antenna section by a spring band. A communications cable is attached between the antenna and the control electronics. The third section is a spool section containing a spool of a fiber optic line sensor. This third section is attached to the launch vehicle by a rigid mount and is in contact with the electronics canister section. The fiber optic line sensor extends from the spool section into the electronics canister section to the control electronics.

Mariela I. Santiago, Angelo Di Biasio, Robert W. Goldman, Michael T. Ansay

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Patent Issue Date: 
January 13, 2012
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