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Desiccation Resistant Pseudomonas

Novel Pseudomonas strains were generated using adaptive laboratory mutagenesis to repetitively challenge the parent population during exposure to stressed conditions of growth, drying, long term dry storage and rehydration. Resistant variants were isolated and ranked based on high viable cell yield, recovery after dry storage, suppression of potato disease, and rapid growth on low cost medium, including hydrolyzates of renewable lignocellulosic biomass. The desiccation resistant bacterial strains and method of mutagenesis are included in the invention.

• Is a dry storable agent that provides broad protection against a variety of potato maladies,
including fungal diseases (Fusarium dry rot, late blight, pink rot, and others)and sprouting
• Will reduce the use of azole chemistries in agriculture that have lost efficacy due to
widespread resistance of target pathogens
• May lessen efficacy loss of medically important azoles used to control fungal infections in

• Is a biological agent to be applied to potatoes (and potentially other crops) to control fungal
infections and reduce sprouting

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