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Device for removing sludge from the bottom of a lagoon

A system removes a pre-specified amount of material from a body of water to facilitate continued operation thereof. A particular embodiment envisions a sled-like device that, assisted with floats, suitable connectors and a hand winch may be positioned anywhere in the body of water. In operation, it is pulled along the bottom of the body of water at a pre-specified rate via a cable and winch affixed to a ground-anchored cable located on shore. The device is symmetric so that it may be pulled in either direction. At each end of the device is a scoop arranged to dislodge material on the bottom and transfer it to a central pump chamber from which an onboard submersible pump transfers it via a hose to a remote repository for further disposition. The system is compact and simple, both in design and operation, facilitating use and maintenance by existing operations personnel.

James Mertel, Jr.,

Dennis J. Lambert

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
August 1, 2003
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