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Dilution and sampling system

A system for testing the efficiency of a test HEPA filter, the system comprises a dilution system and a sampling system. The dilution system processes samples collected upstream of the test HEPA filter. The dilution system has a test portion and a calibrated portion. The calibrated portion aids in determining the dilution ratio of the test portion thereby rendering the dilution system self-calibrating. The sampling system receives upstream samples via the dilution system, and downstream samples collected directly downstream of the test HEPA filter. The sampling system incorporates a flow rate balancing system to ensure accurate counts with respect to samples collected upstream and downstream of the test HEPA filter. The sampling system works well with particle counters fitted with relatively weak fans to draw in samples for counting; this is achieved by connecting the sampling system to both the inlet and exhaust outlet of a particle counter.
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August 26, 2014
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