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Dual color retro-reflection sensing device

A system for detection of optical type devices being used by an enemy sniper subject without alerting the enemy is shown. A coherent laser beam of a wave length in the visible color range, is sent along an axis and passing through a beam splitter device. A detection means is arranged to generate a signal when it detects retro-reflections from the target optical devices or subject including clutter reflections in a 180 degree direction relative to axis. The detection means is coaxially mounted with the source of illumination with a second detection means off axis therefrom to generate a second detection signal when it detects clutter reflections from the target optical devices or subject. A comparator means forms a difference signal between the retro-reflected detection signal and the second detection signal and indicates when the difference signal exceeds a predetermined threshold.

Paul D. Willson, Venkataraman Swaminathan, Deepak Bupathi

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December 22, 2011
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