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Dynamic desiccation cooling system for ships

The present invention describes methods and apparatus for controlling the humidity of air supplied to cooling coils on a gas turbine powered ship through a dynamic desiccation system. The system passes supply air through a desiccant wheel, which dries and concomitantly heats the supply air. This supply air stream is then passed through a rotatable thermal wheel, wherein heat is transferred from the dry supply air to an exhaust-air mixture, thereby conditioning the supply air for delivery and circulation to a plurality of cooling-coil units in a plurality of compartments. The exhaust air from the compartments is first mixed with some of the treated supply air to lower the absolute humidity to a value needed for effective regeneration of the desiccant wheel. An evaporative cooler then conditions the exhaust-air mixture for effective cooling of the supply air in the thermal rotor, which also serves as an air preheater for desiccant regeneration. The exhaust-air mixture is then heated to the desiccant regeneration temperature by passing the preheated exhaust air through a heat exchanger supplied with gas-turbine waste heat. After this heated exhaust-air mixture regenerates the desiccant wheel by fully drying out the desiccant on the wheel, it is expelled from the fan room.

Anthony J. Digiovanni, Donald T. Knauss, Denis J. Colahan

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March 15, 2005
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