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Easier Analysis With Rocket Science

Marshall Space Flight Center engineers invented the Generalized Fluid System Simulation Program (GFSSP) to analyze rocket engine fluid flow. Concepts NREC, Inc., incorporated GFSSP into its Cooled Turbine Airfoil Agile Design System (CTAADS). Specializing in all aspects of turbomachinery with applications ranging from aircraft engines to industrial pumps, the company developed the product to reduce the total time and cost for designing cooled turbine airfoils. CTAADS provides a systematic, logical, and rapid 3-D modeling approach to cooling-system design for cooled axial turbine vanes and blades. The product is a fully integrated suite of independent software modules that supports the rapid generation of airfoil cooling-passage geometry and performs complete 3-D thermal analysis. Other possible commercial applications for the software include heating ventilation and air conditioning systems, chemical processing, gas processing, power plants, hydraulic control circuits, and various types of fluid distribution systems.
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