Available Technology

Electrically powered valve for controlling, monitoring and evaluating fluid flow

Controlled flow of liquid is conducted between aligned inlet and outlet pipe sections through a valve housing within which a solid valve element is sealed and supported for electrically powered displacement between a fully open position establishing unrestricted flow and a fully closed position blocking inflow from the inlet pipe section and outflow from the outlet pipe section. The valve element is operatively displaced either by rotation or by linear movement under electrically powered control through a valve stem connected thereto, while a manual actuator is also connected to the valve stem outside of the valve housing for imparting reduced dithering displacement to the valve element so as to insure that it is in proper and readied working condition. Such electrically powered operational displacement of the valve element is sensed in response to movement of the valve stem.

Frederick Oberman

William D. Kuran

Andrew J. Field

Thomas D. Gracik

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
November 23, 2007
Lab Representatives
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