Available Technology

Electroless Deposition Method for Producing Metallic Films and Their Alloys

Research is active on the patent-pending technology titled, “Electroless Deposition of Bi, Sb, Si, Sn, and Co and Their Alloys.” This technology is available for licensing and/or further collaborative research from the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory.
Patent Abstract: 
Technologies ranging from cell phones to the electric grid all use batteries to harness, store, and deliver energy. Batteries contain an anode and a cathode, and the anode requires amorphous, porous, or nanocrystalline thin films of metal and their alloys to provide a high reversible capacity and excellent columbic efficiency—key factors in high battery performance and long battery life. This invention describes a method of creating these thin films of metal and their alloys by direct electroless deposition. This technique uses several simple aqueous or non-aqueous based chemical baths with some complexing agents. This simple method can easily be extended to industrial-scale deposition and fabrication in bulk on a variety of conducting substrates, which will allow for application in battery technology. Multiple layers of various metals and their alloys can be created in any desired order or thickness.
Simple process creates no industrial waste—clean and environmentally responsible -Reaction occurs at room temperature -High efficiency unmatched by current processes -Results in high battery performance and long battery life -No binders required
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