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Systems and methods relating to autonomously establishing mutually acceptable terms for the procurement of goods and/or services on behalf of one or more represented entities. In various embodiments, this may include negotiating the payment amount, timing of payment, and/or method of payment. Persistently available compute objects or just persistent compute objects (PICOs) may operate autonomously on behalf of their owner. PICOs may communicate with other online services and even pay for services in accordance with one or more rules that the owner or other associated entity has set. PICOs may have an identity, storage, an open event network interface, a processor, event channels, and an application program interface (API). For example, a PICO may be a small, special-purpose, online computer. A PICO may be virtualized for scalability. For example, a PICO may be an object (in the object-oriented programming sense) that has persistent storage and is always online.


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July 23, 2016
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