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Equal phase and equal phased slope metamaterial transmission lines

Methods for establishing metamaterial transmission line (MTM TL's) for a phased array antenna can include the initial step of defining a defining a Composite Right/Left Hand (CRLH) CRLH unit cell architecture. A family of unit cells using CRLH TL microstrip architecture can be constructed so that each of the CRLH unit cells have the same physical length, but different cell phases and cell phase slopes. To do this, the stub length of each CRLH unit cell can be varied. Once the family of CRLH unit cells is constructed, different numbers of different CRLH unit cells from the family can be combined with different numbers of conventional right hand TL's, which results in TL's for a phased array antenna that each have the same overall phase and overall phase slope not only at the design frequency f0, but over the entire design frequency band for the antenna.

John Harold Meloling, Justin A. Church, John W. Rockway

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August 21, 2015
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