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Explosives Storage System

Navy researchers have developed a container and unique method of manufacturing it that provides safe and secure storage of explosives. The method includes stacking tires one on top of another, filling the tires with a cement and locally obtained plant or synthetic fiber mixture to form a cylindrical sidewall of the container, and creating a bottom layer of the container with the cement and fiber mixture. In the event of unintended detonation of the explosives, the system should stop all ordnance-produced primary fragmentation (shrapnel from the ordinance itself), while eliminating or creating minimal secondary fragmentation from the storage system itself. The container is specifically adapted to redirect the thermal effects and blast overpressure wave away from people and mitigate its effects to a K-Factor of 24. A K-Factor (31 feet or 9 meters) is the minimum distance allowed between an individual and one pound TNT equivalent explosive detonation without receiving life-threatening or disabling injuries.
Patent Number: 
US 9,234,732
Patent Status: 
Patent Issue Date: 
January 12, 2016
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