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Extrans – Permeation Measurement System

The Extrans Permeation Measurement System is a customizable system for testing the behavior and uniformity of polymers and other materials. The system can be used to determine permeation rates using variable temperatures, total pressures, differential pressures, and mechanical deformations as well as adjustable concentration levels for gases and liquids. Extrans supports permeation testing from liquid-to-gas or from gas-to-gas phases.
Patent Abstract: 
User-selected temperature and pressure ranges -Balanced differential pressure manifold incorporating a back-pressure control valve and regulator -Adaptable for different materials from sheet, thin pads, to tubes and bulk materials -Programmable for repetitive or complex tasks -Compact design
Versatile – Able to handle varying degrees of pressure and temperature -Precise – Accurately measures permeation rates -Portable – Can be used for field testing -Effective – Can induce stress in materials to determine the effect on permeation rates
Patent Status: 
Development- TRL 8 - Technology has been proven to work in its final form and under expected conditions
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