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Facility Energy Decision System (FEDS™) Software

The Facility Energy Decision System—or FEDS—Software is a user-friendly, menu-driven, Windows-based software program that provides a comprehensive method for quickly and objectively identifying facility energy improvements that offer maximum life-cycle cost savings.
Patent Abstract: 
FEDS Software makes assessments and analyzes energy efficiency in single or multiple buildings. Users can quickly compare energy savings potential across different sites through multiple FEDS runs. It provides an easy-to-use tool for identifying minimum life cycle cost retrofits, determining payback, and enabling users to prioritize options.
Calculates lowest life cycle cost-effective energy systems for all building types -Provides a consistent basis for decision-making on retrofit options -Reduces time and labor required to collect, analyze, store, and update building data -Delivers the information necessary for writing project funding proposals -Serves as an integral part of a cost-savings program
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