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Failure Modes and Effects Analysis Tool (FMEA)

The scope of this project is to develop a prototype failure analysis software tool. The tool models a system's components, their connective relationships, and functions in order to assist in Failure Modes and Effect analysis (FMEA) early in the design lifecycle.The purpose of the tool is to semi-automatically generate a model with functions and failure modes to support FMEA. This will be accomplished by:A graphical component-connection model is created by arranging and connecting components selected from the Master Equipment list.For each component, a pick-list user interface asks a few questions to narrow down potential failure modes. This uses a failure mode library in MS Excel based on standard failure modes and associated component functions and features.Pick-lists for types failure mode causes and immediate effects help the analyst complete initial draft FMEA worksheets, which link to the components in the model.The graphical model, which is marked with redundant components and paths, shows upstream/downstream dependencies, to help the analyst add further effects and criticality to the FMEA worksheets.This tool is innovative because it saves analysis time and provides a standardized and systematic approach in failure analysis, thereby enabling risk mitigation early in system design. There are also potential benefits of tool use during the operations phase to identify the cause(s) of a fault or failure.
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