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Fatty Ammonium Salt Starch Complexes for Numerous Products and Applications

Cost effective, bio-based complexes for numerous applications and products such as: antimicrobials, plant wounds, increased water resistance of paper, wood protectants, emulsifiers and providing other polymers with improved properties. This technology utilizes high amylose cornstarch and vegetable oil derivative(s) to produce the desired product, a complex. The raw materials are derived from plants produced throughout the mid-west. The process converts these compounds into Amylose Inclusion Complexes (AIC) using current industrial techniques.

• Sulfur is eliminated to trace levels below 500 ppm (vs. > 2 – 3%)
• Vanadium and nickel are absent completely in most cases (vs. > 300 ppm)
• Total ash/metal content is comparable and/or less than petroleum coke
• A desulfurization step is not needed

• The carbon rich product can be uses as a solid fuel (coal) substitute
• Can be calcined into coke suitable for use in aluminum smelting anodes, steel carburization and titanium dioxide production

Patent Number: 
7,378,557 & 10,072,381
Internal Laboratory Ref #: 
100.17 + 96.15
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