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Flotation seaway

A platform, breakwater, or endless track includes an array of molded cells interconnected by a system of elongate flexible members, such as wire ropes or lines. The molded cells are cast in molds located at overlapping portions of the cables. The molds may be flexible nylon bags having openings for receiving the cables through them and a fill port to receive material. The molds may be retained on cast cells or removed and reused. A buoyant material, such as expanding self-hardening foam is pumped from foam mixing and pumping equipment into the molds to cast the cells for floating on water, although negatively buoyant cells could be cast for some applications. The cells may be cast on site or elsewhere and then transported to the work site. The cables either can be secured or free running in the molded cells. Accordingly, flotation cells may be separated by lengths of cables to provide for venting the effects of underwater detonations and for dissipating surface wave energy, or flotation cells may be drawn together to provide a solid work platform or roadway. An endless-track mine clearing structure that is readily repairable may be constructed from the cells and cables. Sections of molded cells and cables can be interconnected to provide differently sized and shaped platforms for various applications.

James Edwin Rumbough

William Steven Jones

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Patent Issue Date: 
April 14, 2000
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