Available Technology

Flow-Through Immuno-electrochemical Sensor

A novel platform sensor for the selective detection of targeted microorganisms, nucleic acids, proteins, or chemicals in complex mixtures. Unlike most systems, this detection device is capable of handling large volume samples because of the porous nature of the capture surface. The device provides an unmet need for a rapid, portable, accurate sensor by addressing specific limitations associated with the current state of the art used by both industry and regulators.

• Detection can be performed with sample volumes that are typically too large to be used with other molecular detection platforms
• Rapid: total assay time of ~4 hours
• Customizable: user defined oligonucleotides or antibodies can be applied
• Economical: can offer significant cost savings

• Detection and quantification of pathogens, spoilage organisms, toxins and/or biomarkers of interest
• Demonstrated applications using large volume liquid samples and ground meat homogenate

Technology Type(s): 
pathogen detection
Internal Laboratory Ref #: 
21.18 + 1.21
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