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The present invention is a fluid power generator with elastic tension gradient strips that move in a serpentine fashion to generate power from fluid flow. Each strip has a tension gradient that decreases going back. This allows steady serpentine movement of the strip to move a coil generator across multiple magnets to generate power. Tensioning tubes keep the strips under tension and attach the strips to a strip support that also supports a magnet holder. The magnet holder keeps the magnets in position within the coil generators so that any serpentine movement of the strip can generate power.

Axy Pagan - Vazquez

Carl A . Feickert

Aaron Averbuch

Meredith C . K . Sellers

Christopher Joel Foster

Scott M . Lux

Justin Hesterberg

Andy Friedl

John Alexander Magerko , III

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
April 29, 2018
Lab Representatives
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