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Fly over homing guidance for fire and forget missile systems

The fly over homing guidance system for terminal homing missile guidance is a fire and forget missile guidance method wherein on board target sensing tracks the target and guides the missile to the target, but instead of being guided to a direct impact as is conventionally done, the missile is guided toward a precise distance over the top of the target, intentionally avoiding impact. A second sensor on the missile detects the leading edge of the target, such as the turret of a tank. The warhead is then fired down onto the top of the target as the missile is guided or directed over it. Further, the shot line of the warhead is substantially perpendicular to the top of the target, maximizing lethality. This allows the use of the same angle of attack and warhead for all modes of target engagement and thus maintains high lethality for every firing scenario.

Ricky K. Hammon, Monte K. Helton

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September 3, 1999
(256) 876-3552
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