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Fractal features used with nearest neighbor clustering for identifying clutter in sonar images

A method is presented for identifying clutter in an image such as a sonar image. A detection scheme identifies portions of the image having a signal-to-noise ratio greater than a given threshold. A classification scheme is then applied to each such portion to generate fractal feature values associated therewith in order to classify the portion as a target or non-target. For clutter identification, each portion is assigned to a group based on a distance from the position of each portion to another of the portions that is its nearest neighbor. A series of tests are then performed for each group using the fractal feature values associated with each portion in each group. A failure of any of the series of tests by a group identifies each portion associated with that group as clutter in the image.

Susan M. Tuovila, Susan R. Nelson

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May 18, 2000
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