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Frontal Vehicle Illumination to Reduce Animal-Vehicle Collisions

Collisions between wildlife and manmade equipment (e.g., vehicles, airplanes, windmills, etc.) are an ongoing problem that results in injury, loss of life (both human and wildlife), and property damage.  As an example, over 1 million deer-vehicle collisions occur each year on roads in the United States.  In addition to personal injury and death, these vehicular collisions with deer result in over $4 billion in damages annually.  Other common collisions involve birds colliding with airplanes, birds colliding with windmill blades, other animals (e.g., moose, caribou, bear, dogs) colliding with vehicles, etc. This invention is for a vehicle lighting system that research has demonstrated could lower deer-vehicle collisions by more than 80%.


  • Incorporation of the lighting system as an OEM safety option
  • Development of after market vehicle lighting systems, such as vehicle brush guards
  • With additional research this system may be useful to reduce vehicle collisions with other wildlife species.


Patent Status: 
The US patent application has been allowed by the US PTO, but has not yet published it.
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