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Gas generating process for propulsion and hydrogen production

A gas generating process, which is for the continuous production of energy and hydrogen for rocket and other propulsion and is also for the continuous production of hydrogen, utilizes the reaction of metallic materials, particularly aluminum, with organic materials, particularly hydrocarbons provided as jet fuel, and with water or an oxidizer which is predominantly water. In comparison with related reactions, the reaction produces hot gases containing more hydrogen and the products have a lower temperature for the same specific impulse. The process incorporates organic liquids with metallic powders to produce desirable, lower molecular weight exhaust gas products; and the increased hydrogen is desirable for use with a fuel cell and in connection with propulsion of a super-cavitating underwater device. The process is advantageous in that a metal, in powdered form, and a hydrocarbon liquid may be provided together as a slurry or gel for effective metering. The metallic material may also be provided with the organic material in the form of a binder as used in solid propellants, and the organic material and water may be provided together in the form of a water containing liquid monopropellant. The hydrogen containing product gases from the reaction may be further reacted with suitable oxidizers for production of additional energy or steam. The reaction is particularly useful for underwater vehicles where ambient water is available and the reaction products may be used for propulsion.

Kerry L. Wagaman

Douglas J Elstrodt

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Patent Issue Date: 
March 1, 2005
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