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Gateway Router and Method for Application-Aware Automatic Network Selection

The Tactical Networked Communication Architecture Design (TaNCAD) lab at the Naval Postgraduate School has patented a methodology for integrating traditional Internet Protocol (IP) networks with Disruption-Tolerant Networks (DTNs). This is accomplished via a gateway router and software for application-aware automatic network selection, which translates data between networks and provides application-specific feedback. The router and method select between an IP network and a DTN (or other network module supported via plugins). This is accomplished by monitoring the state of both networks, intercepting IP packets which could otherwise not be delivered, responding to the application that sent the packet, and translating a group of such packets into a DTN bundle. The software implementing this system resides on a network router that functions as a node on both the IP and DTN networks. In other scenarios, the system selects between or among WAN accelerators, tactical networks, mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), sensor networks, vehicular networks, and satellite and deep space networks. This bridges the gap between the vast array of legacy IP-based applications, and a number of domain-specific networking paradigms that are not natively IP-compatible.
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US 9,419,920
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August 16, 2016
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