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Genetically Modified Babesia Parasites Expressing Protective Tick Antigens and Uses Thereof

Methods for stable transfection of Babesia parasites with any heterologous DNA and genetically altered Babesia expressing heterologous DNA. One application can be for vaccines conferring immunity against parasitic arthropods. The method involves transfecting foreign DNA into Babesia resulting in genetically modified parasites that will be able to express foreign genes in animal hosts.


•  Application would be a single dose of a bivalent vaccine
•  Eliminates the need for recombinant protein production used in vaccines



•  Facilitate control of both, ticks and tick-borne diseases in animals
•  For expressing any desired antigen or other protein in animals that are infected with the genetically altered Babesia
•  For vaccinating cattle in tropical areas of the world where gathering cattle could be a cumbersome procedure
Patent Number: 
9,707,283 & 9,265,818
Internal Laboratory Ref #: 
35.16 + 116.05
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