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Gun launched hybrid projectile

A Hybrid Projectile is provided for delivering an explosive payload to a target wherein the Hybrid Projectile may be steered in flight using relatively inexpensive means. The Hybrid Projectile is exteriorly configured in the same physical exterior configuration of conventional ammunition of various standard types so it can be launched in conventional manner from the same weapon systems. However, internal features allow the Hybrid Projectile to be transformed in flight from a command signal to deploy wings and fins, and in some projectiles to telescope open to deploy such wings and fins. An inexpensive televisual means is activated in the fore region of the round which through RF uplink command can be used to select a path, while motors on the wings can then be used to more precisely glide the projectile to a target, or otherwise to abort the target run.

Anthony J. Sebasto

Leon R. Manole

Ernest L. Logsdon, Jr.

Mohan J. Palathingal

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
March 14, 2012
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