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Handheld Sprayer With Liquid Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant

The US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC) seeks a partner to license and commercialize a patent-pending method for the controlled generation of aqueous chlorine dioxide without the use of power. This chemical solution can be dispensed from a handheld sprayer bottle for disinfection of contaminated surfaces, equipment and fresh produce.

Patent Abstract: 

The US Army has primary responsibility for food safety for the US military. As such, it seeks to protect the Warfighter from bio-warfare agents and the spread of food-borne illnesses. This is achieved mainly through preventive techniques aimed at improving the sanitation of food, food-processing equipment, and food preparation surfaces. The present invention generates an aqueous solution of chlorine dioxide for the decontamination of microorganisms on surfaces. Chlorine dioxide controls common food pathogens as well as spores, while minimizing hazards to the user, and without altering the quality of the food. In addition to food service applications, it can be used to disinfect bathrooms, clean rooms, and medical surfaces. This aqueous solution can be applied with a mixer-sprayer or as part of a continuous flow system. The product requires daily mixing. The benefits of this product are: - Controlled generation of aqueous solution - Rapid chemical production method - Surface treatment by spraying, pouring or immersion - No unpleasant odor - Safe for human use and does not alter food - Reusable dispenser

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