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High Accuracy Non-A/C Powered Leak Tester and Volume Calibrator

This novel invention relates to a portable, pneumatically -controlled instrument capable of generating a vacuum (less than 10 Torr), calibrating volumes, and performing quantitative leak tests, all without the use of A/C power.
Patent Abstract: 
This means testing will not be disrupted when working in sensitive or hazardous environments (e.g., flammable or poisonous gases, lightning storms). No warm-up time is required for testing, with highly accurate results being generated within minutes.
No A/C power required Improved safety when working with flammable materials and continuous testing even in hazardous conditions Fully pneumatically controlled Does not require an operator to actuate process valves Small size Can easily be taken into the field
Internal Laboratory Ref #: 
SD# 10710, US Patent # 8,201,438
Patent Status: 
Patent Issue Date: 
February 22, 2012
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