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Holey Graphene Mesh from Solvent-Free Manufacturing and Composites Thereof

Solvent-free method to create arrays of holes to form holey graphene mesh
The HGM or composite HGM developed is a novel nanocarbon-based architecture that (1) is prepared from dry processing from commercially available starting materials or readily prepared composites thereof; (2) exhibits micropores and mesopores due to the holey graphene sheets and their stacking; (3) exhibits micron- and macro-sized pores in the article. The method can produce a range of high-fidelity hole size, shape, and distribution on the graphene or composite articles. The disclosed laser-based method is easily scaled-up and automatable. The result is a novel ultra-lightweight graphene-based mesh structure with high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high surface area, high through-thickness unimpeded ion transport, mechanical robustness. The HGM-based composites utilize HGM as a novel framework, matrix, or substrate for secondary components that are active for energy storage, catalysis, sensing, optical, filtration, and biological applications.
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Solvent-free methods were developed to create arrays of holes with lateral dimensions of 10 micrometers and above on holey graphene-based articles from dry compression (such as films, discs, pellets) to form holey graphene mesh (HGM). HGM is enabled by the uniqueness in the dry compressibility of holey graphene and the processibility of the dry-compressed monolithic articles, both of which are unavailable with pristine graphene.

Advance energy storage technology


Battery / energy storage applications

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April 2, 2019
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