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Hydraulic-based spherical robot

A system includes a plurality of fluid chambers uniformly distributed about and in fluidic connection with a fluid reservoir, each fluid chamber having a valve and pressure sensor adjacent thereto, the valve configured to allow fluid flow between the fluid reservoir and the fluid chamber and the pressure sensor configured to determine the amount of fluid within the respective fluid chamber; means, adjacent to the fluid reservoir, for pumping fluid between the fluid reservoir and each of the fluid chambers; and a controller configured to control the means for pumping fluid and the valves using data from the pressure sensors. The means for pumping fluid, the valves, the pressure sensors, and the controller are contained within an inner housing and the plurality of fluid chambers are contained within an outer housing, which may be spherical in shape, and are external to the inner housing.

Nghia X. Tran

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Patent Issue Date: 
December 27, 2012
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