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IC for Scalable Radar Image Processing

IC for Scalable Beamforming and Frequency Channelization

Most-advanced radar sensors use antenna arrays and wideband waveforms that are mostly processed in the digital domain. Currently, the required DSP solution must be designed ad hoc, based on either FPGAs or ASICs, which significantly increases the development cost. Our proposal consists of developing a “general purpose” integrated circuit to perform two basic DSP tasks required by these complex systems: beamforming and frequency channelization. A key specification of the proposed IC is that it can be replicated as many times as needed to satisfy the requirements of any application.

Patent Abstract: 

The proposed IC concept intends to exploit scale economies to decrease the costs of designing, developing and procuring advanced radar imaging processors. Only a “general-purpose” beamformer and frequency channelizer scalable and reconfigurable for an ample range of applications can benefit from scale economies. The pursued goal is to develop a COTS IC with minimal SWaP specifications, widely outperforming what current FPGA technology can achieve, and at a much lower cost than what developing an ASIC tailored to every single system would require. An additional benefit will be a significant decrease of the product’s time to market. The IC will implement encryption and/or authentication features within the control interface for trusted communications.


Omar Ojeda, Stephen Wunduke

Patent Number: 
Patent Pending
Technology Type(s): 
signal processing, image processing, DSP, IC, integrated circuit, scalable beamforming, frequency channelization
Patent Status: 
Patent Pending
Patent Issue Date: 
January 18, 2019
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