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In situ sediment ecotoxicity assessment system

A system includes a plurality of chamber holders having openings therein, and an exposure chamber positioned in each chamber holder. Each exposure chamber includes a mesh portion and a top end cap. One exposure chamber contains a mesh bottom and one contains a closed bottom. Each chamber holder is positioned within an opening contained within a base portion. One exposure chamber may extend beyond the lower boundary of the base portion. A top portion may be secured to the base portion to contain the chamber holders. A pump, with connected supply hose, may be coupled to the top portion. The supply hose is routed through the chamber holders such that a supply hose opening is adjacent to each chamber holder. The system may include a water quality sensor and a passive sampling device coupled to the base portion. A deployment system may be connected to the top portion.

David B. Chadwick

Gunther H. Rosen

G. Allen Burton

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
October 6, 2011
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