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Increased Alcohol Tolerance Using the pntAB Gene

A strain of Lactobacillus buchneri was isolated from a commercial ethanol production plant. The strain was found tolerant to up to14% ethanol. Complete genome sequence of the strain and further comparison analyses with Oenococcus oeni genome led to the identification of the pntAB locus as the functional element in this tolerance. The pntAB genes also confer ethanol tolerance traits in other microbes as included in the invention.

• Robust alcohol tolerance genes can be introduced in other microbes to confer alcohol tolerance trait and increase survival in alcohol related stress environmental conditions
• Could result in higher product concentrations and improve product recovery

• Developing microbes with increased ethanol tolerance particularly in wine making and in industrial ethanol fermentation. Strains that tolerate higher alcohol concentrations can reduce production cost and increase production efficiency for industrial fermentation

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