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Incrementally adjustable fluid control system and methods of installing and adjusting same

The present invention provides a water control system with the reservoir level versatility of a weir stack and the relatively easy drainage of a water control gate. Multiple stack beams constrained between two opposed guide channels create a fluid reservoir having an incrementally adjustable fluid level. Increasing or decreasing the reservoir level is a matter of adding or removing one or more stack beams. To create an opening for draining fluid from any level of the reservoir, a picker mechanism captures at least one of the stack beams. By lifting the captured stack beam, and any stack beams atop the captured stack beam, the picker mechanism opens a gate at any level of the reservoir through which fluid may flow.

Brandan M. Scully

Coraggio K. Maglio

Nathan D. Lovelace

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Patent Issue Date: 
December 1, 2016
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