Available Technology

Infrared Debonding

Infrared (IR) Debonding is a dry, nondestructive method of using heat to separate components joined by adhesives. The method has many permutations, lending itself in separating a myriad of different materials bonded by a wide variety of substances. The technology involves the use of a portable IR apparatus within which debonding is accomplished.
Patent Abstract: 
Y-12 invites interested companies to license its patented IR Debonder. This technology facilitates nondestructive disassembly and is safer and better for the environment than debonding techniques currently in use. • Eliminates most mechanical processing • Applies directional heat, without the use of a susceptor • Can be easily repositioned and located • Designed to be operated with minimum physical effort
• Materials or components are not damaged or abraded, allowing for preservation or reuse • IR heating is instantaneous and rapid, shortening schedules • Uses less energy than conventional methods, minimizing costs • Debonded items can be easily removed from the apparatus, allowing quicker processing • Physical activity required is minimized, eliminating many hazards to workers
Patent Status: 
Production- TRL 9 – Actual application of the techology in its final form.
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