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Innovative Solutions for Improving Laser Damage Performance of Multi-Layer Dielectric Gratings

Diffraction gratings are important optical components with a periodic structure which splits, diffracts and disperses light into several beams traveling in different directions. The directions of these beams depend on the spacing of the grating and the wavelength of the light. Diffraction gratings find optical applications in spectrometers, spectral multiplexers and demultiplexers and in monochromators. At LLNL large area diffraction gratings have been produced with high laser induced damage threshold (LIDT) for both high-energy pulse compression and high-average power Spectral Beam Combining (SBC) applications. Scientists at the lab have developed large area multi-layer dielectric (MLD) grating fabrication techniques well suited for high-energy pulse and high average power laser applications.
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LLNL has developed several MLD grating technologies that extend the state of the art in overall laser optical power handling capability. LLNL MLD grating optics are the convolution of the following key technologies: Optical coating designs utilizing >100 thin film layers - enables ultra-low-loss, ppm transmission levels through the coating, high diffraction efficiency, and large bandwidth.
  • LLNL’s innovative MLD gratings solutions improve the performance, reliability and lifetime of optics permitting higher power operation without laser induced optical damage.
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