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Instrumented ballistic test projectile

A ballistic test projectile includes a nose section comprising a windshield and aft of the windshield, an ogive; a body section aft of the nose section, the body section comprising a generally cylindrical body connected to the ogive; a base section aft of the body section, the base section comprising a base adapter connected to the body and a base bottom connected to the base adapter; a base pressure gage disposed in the base bottom; at least one side pressure gage disposed in the body; and an electronics cup disposed in the body, the electronics cup comprising a battery cup, a signal conditioning cup, a multiplexer cup, an accelerometer cup and a transmitter cup.

Roger St Ours, Donald Carlucci, Michael S. Hollis, Boris Flyash, Matthew Hawkswell

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Patent Issue Date: 
November 13, 2009
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